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Want to meet Bill Allen from the 1986 Film Rad???

We are temporarily located at 120 East Main while some renovations get done at our old location.


Store Location

We recently relocated our store to 116 East Main Street in Belleville, IL.  Here is a really cool 3D video fo the shop!  Take a look around and experience the magic!


We are doing a special VIP Package as well. With this package you will get one item signed. It will either be an item you bring, or a special 8x10 that I am getting printed up. This photo is really cool and it screams 80's BMX! The photo will be available when I get them in stock at the store which will probably be a couple weeks or so. With this package you also get a ticket to see "Rad" across the street at the Lincoln Theater. The movie will start at 5pm, and after the movie Bill will do a short Q&A. This VIP package is only $40! If you want to buy just the movie ticket, with no autograph, it's $15 per ticket.
For the VIP Tickets, They have to be purchased in advance at I Had That with cash only. They could be purchased at the event too, if they are still available but I wouldn't wait too long. We can sit about 100 people in the theater, so that's what I have to work with.
Lastly, I should have Beckett on site for autograph authentication. This is $10/COA and will be paid for at the Beckett table. Cash only on this too please.Type your paragraph here.

What exactly is "I Had That"? It's a glorious place to come and rekindle your childhood. You can even buy the stuff that your parents didn't love you enough to buy you. Little Timmy down the street, his parents loved him. That's why he had all the cool stuff. Now? Timmy is living on the street. And you, with your good paying job, can now afford to buy the things you never had. Let's all give our own "Timmy" a big fat wedgie and show him what it's like to have the cool toys.

What is "I Had That"?

Come meet Bill Allen - Cru Jones from the 1986 movie "Rad"!
The appearance will be on Saturday, Oct. 1st from 12-4pm.
​At Bill's table he will have the following items available. (please note, prices/availability could change)
If you bring your own item to be signed or one of his 8x10's - $30 each
Signed Small Bike Front Number Plate Replicas - $40
Signed Large Bike Front Number Plate Replicas - $80
He will also have dog tags, shirts and the book he wrote available. All items at Bill's table will be paid for at his table during the signing.

Inside Collectors Corner

116 East Main Street

Belleville, IL 62220

Hours of Operation

Tues-Fri - 10:30-6  Sat - 10:30-4:00

Closed Sun-Mon