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Jon Abrahams, who played Bobby and Dave Sheridan, who played Doofy, will be in store from 3-7pm on Thursday May 16th!
For the In-Store signing event, Dave and Jon will have a selection of 8x10 photos and masks from Scary Movie and photos from some of their other most popular films!
Jon also stars in the horror hit House of Wax, and appears in Meet The Parents, They, Bringing Out the Dead, The Faculty, plus many more!
Dave has a great role in Rob Zombies The Devils Rejects, and appears in Corky Romano, Ghost World and many other films as well. He was even an intern on Saturday Night Live during early 90's.
An Autographed Photo will be $60 each and will include the opportunity to take a photo with them individually or together. Autographs will be purchased directly from Jon and Dave.
After the signing, fans can watch Scary Movie at the Lincoln Theater along with Jon and Dave starting at 7:30! The guys will introduce the film and host a Q&A in the theatre after the movie.
Movie tickets will be purchased from I Had That for $12 each. I may also do a special VIP Movie Ticket that comes with some other perks so check back for more info. Seating will be limited.
Mark Your Calendars and Save The Dates!!!
See you at the Scary Movies! 

Upcoming Public SIgning with Jon Abrahams & Dave Sheridan from Scary Movie Part 1!

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What exactly is "I Had That"? It's a glorious place to come and rekindle your childhood. You can even buy the stuff that your parents didn't love you enough to buy you. Little Timmy down the street, his parents loved him. That's why he had all the cool stuff. Now? Timmy is living on the street. And you, with your good paying job, can now afford to buy the things you never had. Let's all give our own "Timmy" a big fat wedgie and show him what it's like to have the cool toys.

What is "I Had That"?

We recently relocated our store to 116 East Main Street in Belleville, IL.  Here is a really cool 3D video fo the shop!  Take a look around and experience the magic!

Please note, this is a big dated.

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