What is "I Had That"?

I Had That and Collectors Corner closed our old store and have now relocated to 120 East Main St. in Belleville, IL.  Come check out the new store! 

We are now open in our new location!

The Mandalorian - Gekko - Dominic Pace Appearance


Store Location

Dominic will be coming to my shop during his Small Business Tour on Tuesday August 6th from 12pm-4pm.  More info to come!!!


What exactly is "I Had That"? It's a glorious place to come and rekindle your childhood. You can even buy the stuff that your parents didn't love you enough to buy you. Little Timmy down the street, his parents loved him. That's why he had all the cool stuff. Now? Timmy is living on the street. And you, with your good paying job, can now afford to buy the things you never had. Let's all give our own "Timmy" a big fat wedgie and show him what it's like to have the cool toys.

Inside Collectors Corner

120 East Main Street

Belleville, IL 62220

Hours of Operation

Tues-Fri - 10:30-6  Sat - 10:30-4:00

Closed Sun-Mon